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Hosting with intellihost

Intellihost is a privately owned and Proudly South African Internet Services Provider that specifically focuses on offering South African SMME’s the tools they need to grow online.

Having assisted customers since 2006, Intellihost was officially registered as a Private Company in 2015 and have since grown by over 100% each year with a customer retention rate of 98% since our company registration.

We’re a small but extremely dedicated team that strives to offer value to each of our clients through our cloud network we manage from our Data Centre in Samrand, Centurion, with our sales and support team operating from our premises in Hibberdene, situated on the Kwazulu-Natal South Coast.

We’re an accredited ZACR Registrar since 2016 offering South African based Domain Names to our clients and resellers alike and an active ISPA member which sets out our general code of conduct.

We partner with some of the global leaders in online and technology solutions including Microsoft, cPanel, Citrix, Softaculous and Kaspersky and offer their various services through our cloud network.

We work with some of South Africa’s most prominent Creative Agencies, IT Companies and similar industry leaders and provide a safe and reliable network to host their clients data backed by always friendly support.

We’re strong advocates of Animal welfare and offer free hosting services to organisations like various SPCA branches, animal welfare organisations and non-profits that care for those in need.

We love what we do, our team and most importantly our clients which more often than not become our friends.

Kallima works closely with Intellihost to setup your website hosting super fast and effectively.
Partnering with Kallima also gives my clients the benefit of 2 months free hosting & free domain registration!
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